Our Focus & Clients

Since 1984, Graham has been serving the public sector and non-profit organizations with project implementation and contract management services.

We serve:

  • Federal Agencies

  • State and Local Governments

  • International Bi- & Multi-Lateral Organizations

We establish a high-caliber contract management team for each individual project we oversee. Our focus is to maximize the Value for Money of each contract. 

Graham makes sure to: 

  • Strategically lead the project and provide guidance so long-term issues are properly addressed and resolved 

  • Meet the objectives of the contract over the full term of the contract 

  • Ensure effective communication is taking place at all levels 

  • Consider and report on any changes in policy or legislation 

  • Set time-bound improvement targets when appropriate 

  • Agree on proposed efficiencies and changes 

  • Promote best value through management of whole project life costing through innovation and service improvements