We coordinate, manage, and deliver successful contracts for government agencies and NGOs.

Our partner organizations trust us to make their jobs easier and their programs more efficient. 

Who we serve

We are proud to partner with federal and international organizations. For over 30 years, the government and NGOs have relied on Graham to help reach program requirements and goals efficiently.


We have a deep understanding of the complexities of government contracts. And we understand the pressure agencies face to meet demanding requirements with tight resources. Because of this, Graham has the insight needed to successfully fulfill government contracts of all sizes and budgets.  

We’ve worked on contracts of all sizes, specialities and budgets, across dozens of agencies.

NGOs and International Bi- & Multi-Lateral Organizations

Our team has decades of experience in international work. That’s why, on every project, we seek ways to deliver efficiently and provide additional value.  

Notes from CPARs and Clients

Business people team working at office with tablet and document, doing planning analyzing the financial report, business plan investment, finance analysis concept. Economic business discussions.

Certifications & Contract Vehicles

As an economically disadvantaged woman-owned 8(a) small business, owned by immigrants who understand supplier diversity, Graham Government Services is capable of supporting any program with high-quality talent and strategic experience.

Success Stories


United States Department of Commerce (DOC)

The Challenge

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) has a project that happens twice a year. DOC prefers to have the same individual complete the project. But the timing isn’t always predictable, making it difficult to ensure the individual’s availability.

Graham's Solution

Graham has worked with the DOC since 2014, providing administrative support services. Because we want to both serve DOC well and ensure employment for our candidates, we devised a unique solution for this employee. Graham places our employee on assignments that have the flexibility for him to be available when the Department of Commerce requests him. 

In addition, Graham works with DOC to ensure the department has administrative professionals to help with daily operations. Graham employees have been serving the department since 2014, and many have been promoted to higher level administrative positions because of the knowledge and capabilities they’ve developed through continuous service. Graham ensures that each employee is treated fairly and compensated handsomely for their services.


USAGM (Formerly Department of State, Broadcasting Board of Governors )

The Challenge

USAGM requirements varied extensively from Administrative and Clerical Support to Accounting and Budget Specialists, Imaging and Audio Video Technicians to Technical Writers and Editors—all at various levels.

Graham's Solution

A thriving workplace depends on qualified, talented people who are a good fit for the organization and the task at hand. Graham understood USAGM’s programs and international projects—as well as the type of people who would excel there. But there’s always more to know. The solution to serve USAGM was frequent and open communication with the agency’s program managers within each office. In that way, we  were able to prepare for requirements and source the right type of personnel to accomplish the agency’s mission. 

Graham also conducted frequent site visits to recognize employees’ progress and offer support when required. During these visits we were able to speak with the Program Manager and to further understand the agency’s goals and how Graham could support them. We believe it is necessary to meet with our clients regularly to ensure we are providing the service they require and can provide suggestions to make daily operations better.


National Institutes of Health (Blanket Purchase Agreement )

The Challenge

Graham has served the National Institutes of Health since 1995. We have been contracted to provide short-term administrative services for various positions, sporadically, with a quick turnaround.

Graham's Solution

To serve NIH, we created a pool of candidates who meet their unique requirements, including those who are familiar with the Bethesda, MD campus, have passed the NIH screening process, and have a general knowledge of the agency’s activities. Because of our long history with NIH—and the open, consistent communication we maintain with the offices we serve—we are able to ensure that our staff has both the necessary skills and the understanding of the culture to thrive there.


US Development Finance Corporation (formerly OPIC)

The Challenge

USDFC required highly educated and seasoned professionals within international program management, financial and budgeting requirements, and engineering services.

Graham's Solution

The vast needs of the agency allowed Graham the opportunity to source for professionals in a unique way. In addition to third party recruiting sites and searching within our own database of candidates, Graham reached out to several private organizations whose networks attract the attention of the highly skilled professionals required by DFC. We also partnered with two small businesses with expertise in energy and portfolio management. By going the extra mile, we connected with individuals who fit the agency’s requirements and secured them as Graham employees. Later the agency brought them on as personal service contractors. 

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