The right people are essential. We’ll make sure you have them.

The people you need aren’t always looking. Graham will source and retain the best-suited professionals for your programs. 

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Technical positions

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We believe the foundation for a thriving workplace is its people: bright, qualified, dedicated professionals who help programs operate more effectively.

Fulfilling a contract depends on talented people who are a good fit for the organization and the task at hand. That’s why we assess program needs and assign bright, dependable professionals who will get the job done. We aim to exceed expectations through our talent, responsiveness, and efficiency.

Graham always strives to attract top talent to support our customers.

We recognize that our employees are well connected within their individual professional networks, and therefore, have access to a wide range of qualified job applicants for available job openings. Graham has established an incentive bonus program to reward current employees for referring potential candidates for open positions.



Department of Commerce

The Challenge

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) has a project that happens twice a year. DOC prefers to have the same individual complete the project. But the timing isn’t always predictable, making it difficult to ensure the individual’s availability.

Graham's Solution

Graham has worked with the DOC since 2014, providing administrative support services. Because we want to both serve DOC well and ensure employment for our candidates, we devised a unique solution for this employee. Graham places our employee on assignments that have the flexibility for him to be available when the Department of Commerce requests him. 

In addition, Graham works with DOC to ensure the department has administrative professionals to help with daily operations. Graham employees have been serving the department since 2014, and many have been promoted to higher level administrative positions because of the knowledge and capabilities they’ve developed through continuous service. Graham ensures that each employee is treated fairly and compensated handsomely for their services.

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