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For more than 30+ years, Graham has collaborated with development agencies to help drive economic and human impact in many developing countries.  We bring our skilled personnel and their up-to-date knowledge of the industry to assist the targeted developing countries. 

We prioritize a range of multi-disciplinary issues as part of our international development consulting services to help development agencies implement their assistance programs successfully.  To overcome these complex challenges, we design creative solutions that are innovative, inclusive, and sustainable.

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Our Specializations

Our management team and senior staff have worked in over 60 countries, with expertise across disciplines. Subject matter experts in:

  • Program Management 

  • Economic Growth

  • Water and Infrastructure Resilience Work

  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Program Management

Graham’s  program Management Specialists use the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) approach, to manage our clients’ Program/Project. This approach allows our PMs to coordinate and prioritize resources across multiple projects managing performance, meeting Milestones, and managing the overall project costs.

Graham provides operations and sustainment support in the planning, programming, and execution of operational capabilities from fielding to disposal.

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Economic Growth​

Graham understands the importance of economic growth in the developing countries. Our subject matter experts assist the funding agencies in implementing their economic growth plans for the targeted countries.  We work closely with the international donor institutions and the developing countries government to strengthen the economic governance and policies that can lead to economic growth and sustainable development and resilience. 

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Water and Infrastructure Resilience Work

Safe, secure, and resilient infrastructure is critical to the future of the world. Investing in stable infrastructure (water and others)—especially in struggling economies—is essential for human survival. The world must invest about $100 trillion in global infrastructure by 2040 to meet basic human needs, according to the G20 Global Infrastructure Hub. Strained systems must be upgraded and new ones created.

Graham provides operations and sustainment support in the planning, programming, and execution of operational capabilities from fielding to disposal.

Graham’s experts deliver smart investments for a brighter future.

Through Graham’s senior personnel, we provide support services in the area of water and energy to national and international clients. We understand the value of circularity in infrastructure, knowing it has clear potential to bring about long-term impact in climate change mitigation and resource scarcity. On every project, we plan to prevent waste and pollution, and to maximize the lifetime of our assets.

Monitoring evaluation and learning

Graham’s Monitoring and Evaluation practice team understands that development projects implemented in a developing country requires close monitoring to ensure the project objectives are met and the resources are not diverted.  Graham team works with funding organization to review the selected project at various points of implementation to ensure that the project is on target to achieve the donor institutions objectives and that implementer is adhering to the objectives of their contract.

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Ukraine Rebuilding

Graham is leading efforts to create databases of people wishing to work on current and future projects in Ukraine and the region. Graham’s clients across US and UN agencies are deeply concerned about the resources available to assist Ukraine in recovery and rebuilding. While billions of dollars will be invested in post-crisis Ukraine, there may be a lack of technical, vocational, and regional knowledge and language skills to truly put those funds to work. These databases will prove invaluable to reconstruction efforts. Interested in adding your name to the database?

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